Sunday, May 9, 2010

Compass Wallet

Rogue Compass Wallet

The Rogue Wallet has a remarkably thin design - 1/4 of an inch empty, 5/8 of an inch with an average load. Length is 5" from the fold to the tip and just over 3" wide. (Opened, it is 10" long and dollar bills do not peek above the wallet.) And it comes with a built-in accurate reading compass!

This wallet is not built for the masses. It's built for the outdoorsmen who know what it's like to be off-trail, have a cloud cover come in, lose the sun, and question which way is really out. If you have hiked, hunted, skied or fished enough—and other than the fishermen, are honest about it—you know that we've all gotten turned around. Even Lewis & Clark got turned around—not lost—just seriously turned around.

This compass is both accurate and durable. We wanted to see how it would hold together in case of we tossed it in the washing machine on heavy load, high temperature and let it run a full cycle. It held together just fine and still found true North. Then we put it in the freezer and tried to pry the compass off. It firmly stayed in place and still found true North. Finally, we put it in the oven at 165 degrees F and waited to see what happened. It still held together—still found true North and did exactly what we hoped it would do.

These tests were all intentional, planned and measured. The last test was entirely accidental. We left the wallet on the windowsill to air out after some of these extreme tests....and the windowsill came smashing down on—you guessed it—the compass. We figured it was toast, obliterated, shardsville. HOWEVER….it was scratched, and that was it. And it still found true North.

The other really good thing about this wallet is what the curved shape will do for you. It looks a little different, but here's the deal: A) sitting on a traditional rear pocket brick of a wallet is really not good for your back; and B) by putting it in your front pocket and having the curve follow the cut contour of your pants, it is almost impossible to have this thing stolen from you…or lost.

This true story will illustrate just how secure the curved wallet can be when placed in your front pocket. Last year the inventor put his curved wallet in a front pocket of his cargo hiking pants. The top of the pocket was secured by a snap and each side of the pocket had a vertical zipper. Unknown to him at the time, one entire side section of the pocket was left open. When he got back—muddy, wet and exhausted—he looked down and saw the side pocket wide open.....but, because of the curve, the wallet never fell out, even after going through swamps, wading streams, climbing over downed trees, and covering 2 1/2 to 3 miles of very rough Maine terrain.

Now we wouldn't recommend baking your wallet, or washing it, or leaving one side of a zippered pocket open, or especially, slamming it in a windowsill—but you can if you want.

And if it doesn't do everything that you think a compass wallet should do—including pointing your way out of the back 40, simply return it and we'll refund your money. No return authorizations needed, no hassles.
We're not like any business you've done business with before.

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